Shooting Hemlock Releases Sophomore Album “Color Spackled Empty” Via Dark Star Records and Sony Entertainment

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that the Sophomore album from Supergroup Shooting Hemlock “Color Spackled Empty” has just been released digitally worldwide via Dark Star Records and Sony Entertainment. Shooting Hemlock Was the brainchild of manager Brad Keene Who had worked with guitar player Joe Stump (Boston Mass.) on his solo projects. Brad wanted to put together a band comprised of members from different regions of the country, and with the addition of Jeff Tortora (Blue Man Group) and Jimmy Puma (Syracuse N, Y.,) Brad had the monster rhythm section he had been searching for. Both Jeff and Jim were playing with Joey Belladonna from Anthrax at that time, Brad then set his sights on a lead vocalist to fill the last remaining slot in the line up, enter Brian Troch (Chicago IL.), who just had left the Band Cyclone Temple. What ensued was a mixture of styles and influences that made a very different but awesome sound. The band wrote all their material via mail and e-mail and flew into one central location (Boston) to rehearse, do pre production work and record the actual tracks, Brian would eventually move to Boston and the project for “two albums” was finished. After many years in the making, Dark Star Records and Sony Music released the first of two albums “Big Green Monster” landing them at #30 on the CMJ charts. Now, a year later we bring you “Color Spackled Empty”. Shooting Hemlock’s new sophomore album is now available at hundreds of online digital retailers worldwide including itunes.

Shooting Hemlock is: Brian Troch (Vocals), Joe Stump (Guitars), Jeff Tortora (Drums), Jimmy Puma (Bass)


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Conquest Reveal Their New Album Title and Bring In a New Bass Player

Conquest is nearing completion on their new album and have officially named it “The War We Rage”. The band is once again working with engineer Adam Long who also worked on their popular debut album “End of Days”. And the album will also be produced once again by lead singer Derrick Brumley.

The latest release will feature new bass player Rob Boyer. Conquest has played a few gigs with Rob and the fit is perfect, Rob Boyer is from the same area, St. Louis Mo. and has played in rock and metal bands threw out his career. The New Album “The War We Rage” will be available worldwide in the Summer/Fall 2012
via Dark Star Records / Sony Music. Here is a look at the current track list:

The War We Rage
Against all odds
Never forget
Tomorrows black
Live free or die
Turn me away
Coming with vengeance
Scream for my life
Get off my back
Tyrant of the new world
Fall from grace

Also, the band “Conquest” have decided to re-release their popular single called “Never Forget” a new tribute to 9/11 as a free download.


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Conquest Unleash Their Full Length Album “Rage” Originally Released in Europe On Sony BMG

We are excited to announce that Conquest have re-released their original full length album “Rage” Worldwide via Dark Star Records. The album was originally released in Europe on November 2nd 1998. This album shows the darkest side of Conquest and is a true gem for all true metal fans. This album is now available as a special digital only re-release and can be found anywhere digital music is sold including: iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Zune and More. The band “Conquest” gained strong momentum with the release of their label debut album “End Of Days”, which garnered rave reviews from metal critics across the board.The band is currently working on their next full length album entitled “Against All Odds”. The band is working once again with engineer Adam Long, and the album will be produced by Derrick Brumley. Their latest release “Against All Odds” will feature new bass player Joey Saturn and will be available worldwide in the Spring/Summer 2011 via Dark Star Records. Until then make sure and download the classic album re-release “Rage”.


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