Dark Star Records is a Cutting Edge Major Label in Association with Sony Music Entertainment. The Label was founded by Jeffrey A. Swanson in 1996 and has released over 100 albums worldwide. Many of our bands have topped the charts on radio, video, iTunes and Amazon Sales Lists. Our bands have been featured in movies, commercials and video games from around the World. Now, with the help of Lloyd Freeze Vice President of Dark Star Records, the Label has been able to sign some of the best talent on the planet. And, with the skills of our talented staff we have been able market our artists to all of the latest platforms and retail outlets around the Globe.

History of the Label: In 1996 a new record label was created. With the revolution of the internet the label first offered CD’s for sale on-line. Everything the company would pick up would have to be exceptionally well produced quality music in the genre of Gothic, Hard Rock, Mainstream, Industrial, Progressive, Metal and Hardcore! Soon the label would be putting product into stores through a number of distributors. By the year 2000 Dark Star Records had established itself as an official record label. In 2002 the label released the Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring such artists as LA Guns, Holland and Nitro. To promote this new release DSR and Maderfilm would seek out some of the best Radio and Public Relations people in the business. In that same year Jeffrey A. Swanson and Ken Mader would produce the music video “Mother Mary” by Slave Driver which would hit number ten on the national CVC charts beating out System of a Down, Filter and The Vines. In the year 2003 the label signed a deal with Synergy Distribution and began putting CD’s and DVD’s into major chains like Tower Records and Virgin Megastores. In the year 2004 we acquired a deal with Transworld Entertainment and our titles can be found at Fye Stores and Others. With the hard work of our associates like Mazur Public Relations and Knockout Talent, you can now find our releases advertised and reviewed in such publications as Hit Parader, Metal Edge, Revolver and Metal Hammer. We will also continue to work with hundreds of smaller independent record stores throughout the World. These independent record stores and chains are the underground force behind the record label. In 2007 we secured a deal to have all of our titles available through Super D Distribution. Now our titles are available just about everywhere. Then In 2008 the label acquired distribution with Code 7 and Plastichead Distribution and are now able to ship product to retailers Worldwide. And now with the label Signing a new a deal with Sony Digital Music and The Orchard our titles can now be found at itunes, Spotify, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Verizon Wireless, Google Play and over 300 other online streaming, retail and wireless services. In 2014 Dark Star Records signed a Deal with Planetworks for Distribution and Music Licensing to France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Norway, the UK and More!!! And, also, in 2014 Dark Star Records signed a deal with MVD Audio, a Division of MVD Entertainment to have our CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray media distributed in the USA. And, through The Universal Music Group in Canada. In 2020 Dark Star Records launched their own ROKU Channel and is now distributing the Metal Hall of Fame Award Shows on Amazon Prime TV. Also, in 2020 the Artist Fierce Heart landed on the Billboard Top 200 Radio Charts. As the music industry continues to evolve into the world of streaming music, downloads, wireless devices and social media networks like Facebook and YouTube, we continue to stay on the cutting edge as we always have. Dark Star Records is dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality music on the planet, and will work to get that music to the masses.

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