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We are pleased to announce that the Toronto based Theatrical Metal Band Operus have just signed a deal with Dark Star Records. Operus’s depth comes from the vast musical experience each member brings with them. From extensive studio time to worldwide performances in both metal bands and Symphonic Chamber Orchestras. The combined musical knowledge in Operus comes from decades of intense dedication to music with University and Masters Degrees, Royal Conservatory of Music certifications and the first hand experience of performing in North America, Europe and Asia.

Watch the New Promotional Video for “Cenotaph” by Operus:

Watch “The New Chapter” Promotional Video by Operus:

Look for the epic new album “Cenotaph” to be Released Worldwide on 10/13/17 via Dark Star Records in Association with MVD Entertainment and Sony Music.

Pre Order The New Album


Operus is: David Michael Moote – Lead Vocals, Robin Howe – Cello/Backing Vocals.
Rob Holden – Guitar, Oscar Rangel – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Growls.
Wojtek Sokolowski – Bass/Backing Vocals, J.J. Tartaglia – Drums

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Currently the band is composed of six musicians, Vocalist David Michael Moote comes from a music theatre background, playing in roles such as, Jesus in “Jesus Christ Super Star” at the Hart House Theatre, Soloist of “Oh Canada, What a Feeling!” at the Princess of Wales Theatre and acted in award winning, “Dead Rush and Lariat” Canadian Films just to name a few. Guitarist and founder Oscar Rangel studied music at the University level in Mexico and performed in the iconic Canadian Metal band Annihilator, was part of Mastery as well as numerous projects ranging in genres. Oscar is also responsible for composing music to various video games, and film. Cellist Robin Howe holds a Bachelor and Master of Music (Literature and Performance) degree from the University of Western Ontario, and has performed on stage along big acts such as Trans Siberian Orchestra and Michael Bolton. Bassist Wojciech Sokolowski has been involved in the Canadian Metal scene for over a decade and has previously performed and toured with extreme metal acts, Eclipse Eternal and Panzerfaust sharing the stage with bands such as, Behemoth, Immortal, and Mayhem to name a few. Guitarist Rob Holden also holds extensive experience when it come to performing in the extreme music genres with his former band, Left Hand Creation. Holden also performed with Death Metal’s greats Vital Remains. Other than Operus, Drummer JJ Tartaglia performs in the Canadian Thrash Metal band Skull Fist as well as Final Trigger. JJ is also the Organizer of Waken Metal Battle Canada.



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