Dirty Deeds


Dirty Deeds


BIOGRAPHY: Dirty Deeds was formed in 1992. The band would come together as some of the members from some popular local all original bands decided to form a tribute band to one of the greatest hard rock bands ever, AC/DC. Vocalist Bob Slawek and Guitarist Jeff Swan were from the band Black and White. Guitarist Nick Testa and drummer Darren Marino were from the band Dartagnan. Both of these bands were quite popular in the Northwest Illinois suburban club scene. Joined by bassist Billy Knowles the band set out on the long hard road to rock’n roll stardom. The band began living up to it’s name “Dirty Deeds” with the singer walking on tables, getting girls to dance on stage and passing around a full bottle of Jack Daniels until it was empty. Also with the singer Bob Slawek sounding just like Bon Scott the original singer from AC/DC the word soon got around that this was a band that one would have to experience.




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