The Absence Project

New 5 Song EP
Into The Unknown
Coming 08/31/18

Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music and the Liquid Music Group is pleased to announce that they have just signed The Absence Project to a Worldwide Deal

as Featured in the Movie
The Curse of Lilith Ratchet
Directed by Eddie Lengyel

BIOGRAPHY: The Absence Project is a New Orleans based rock band currently comprised of veteran “Big Easy” musicians Richard White (guitar/vocals), Jody Linnell (bass), and Justin Perez (drums). The group was formed in early 2014, and the band sites several different influences for their sound, both individual and collective. It was understood since the conception of the band that the project would be more about writing songs rather than over analyzing arrangements, riffs, time signatures, etc.

“The songs needed to just breathe and flow organically without us picking apart every little detail. That’s why the tracks featured on our recordings have an average run time of about 3 minutes.”
– Richard White

After the release of their debut EP ‘The End,’ the group partnered up with Noise Factor Entertainment (an independent entertainment co.), and has been on a steady rise since. Their single “No Warning” is gaining great recognition both in the U.S and overseas, and is being played on several internet/indie radio stations. The official video for the track is also becoming increasingly popular on YouTube. The group enjoys having the freedom of being an independent band, and being 100% entirely self-sufficient.

“We have always seen ourselves as indie artists. We write, produce, and record all of our own material, so being part of the independent music scene is like being home for us.”
– Jody Linnell

The group has limitless potential, and a very marketable sound, with an intense live performance to match. The band will be steadily releasing new material (songs and videos), touring, and growing their already impressive fan base. The Absence Project seems to be headed in the right direction for success, and is a must see when they are in your area.

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