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iTunesRESURRECTION IN BLACK / SLAVE DRIVER: The Heaviest Album to date from Slave Driver. This would be the last release from the heavy metal icons known as Slave Driver. Jeff Swan and the band pushed the envelope all the way to the edge with this dark and powerful 3 song EP. The song “Not Human” was featured in the movie “The Day of the Dead”, and before the band would break up “Slave Driver” would perform in front of a crowd of thousands at the Milwaukee Metalfest XVII. The lineup featured Jeff Swan, Blair Lehman, Phil Di Maso and Bill Gingrich.

Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
iTunesCARNIVORE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK: This was a huge album for Slave Driver. The soundtrack featured two songs from the band LA’s Burning and Mother Mary. The movie released on 20th Century Fox also spurred the top ten video “Mother Mary” by Slave Driver beating out Filter and System of a Down.

iTunesJUDGEMENT DAY / SLAVE DRIVER: This was Slave Driver’s Debut Full Length Album. The Album that kicked off a Lifetime of Metal and Hard Rock Mayhem. As most all albums are released in 16 bit, we released our first album in 24 bit. Two songs from the Album also appeared on the Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Along side LA Guns and Holland. The songs were LA’s Burning and Mother Mary. The bands lineup included Jeff Swan, John Babila and Bill Gingrich.

BIOGRAPHY: SLAVE DRIVER is a unique, Dark, Hardcore, Gothic Metal Band. There sound is Dark and Haunting. With the help of Keyboard Wizard Phil Di Maso, the newest member of Slave Driver, the band is able to achieve their unique Dark, Hardcore, Gothic sound. Their Classic CD “JUDGEMENT DAY” released in 1998 kicked off the bands career. The track L.A.’s Burning is included in the Low Budget, Sci-fi Thriller “CARNIVORE”, and is also on the films Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out on Dark Star Records as of August 20, 2002. The soundtrack includes: L.A. Guns, Holland, Nitro, Madison Rhoades and more. Carnivore the movie is now being distributed in the USA by 20th CENTURY FOX and is available to rent at any Hollywood Video Store, or for purchase wherever DVD’s are sold. To promote the Movie and the Soundtrack, Maderfilm and Dark Star Records shot a video for the song “Mother Mary” performed by Slave Driver and starring “Catherine Chiarelli” of Temptation Island 2 and “Amiee Bravo” from the movie Jigsaw. After only 3 weeks the video had risen to the number 10 position on the National CVC charts and became the 10th most played video in the Nation. Armed with their new drummer “Blair Lehman” The band is currently in support of thier new DVD titled: Slave Driver “live at the Milwaukee Metalfest XVII”. Also now available is the “JUDGEMENT DAY” PLATINUM EDITION CD and Their latest release “Resurrection in Black” a four song EP of all new material available now.


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