Richrath Project 3:13 Signs with Dark Star Records

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just signed Richrath Project 3:13 to the Label. The band is currently playing the music of REO Speedwagon and music written by Gary Richrath and Michael Jahnz. New Album Coming Soon Featuring Gary Richrath.


New Album Coming Soon

BIO: Michael Jahnz started the REO connection when he became lead vocalist and front man for the legendary Gary Richrath, former lead guitarist and song writer for REO Speedwagon. They toured together for over a decade as the Gary Richrath Band playing the songs Gary had written for REO Speedwagon as well as original Richrath tunes and songs Michael had written with Gary. Michael and his band Richrath Project 3:13 continue to honor the memory of the late Gary Richrath at every show.

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  1. Killer band awesome bunch of guys!! I can’t wait see see them on the road again!! Congratulations ♥️!!!

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