“Betrayed With A Kiss” Ink a Two Album Deal with Dark Star Records

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just signed a two album deal with the Indianapolis based metal band “Betrayed With A Kiss.” Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music will be re releasing a special edition of “Salvation and Ascension” which includes two killer bonus tracks. Then later in 2014 the band will be heading into the studio to lay down tracks for the bands sixth album, yet to be titled.

Betrayed With A Kiss

About the band: “Travis “Wrath” Crider and Rob “Lust” Mason formed Betrayed With A Kiss in late 2004. Both were members of a thrash metal band that was signed to Germany’s Modern Music Label at the time. Recalls Mason, “We felt very boxed in stylistically in that particular project because we were unable to write anything too technical or not considered extremely aggressive.” It was fine for the eight years I was in the band, but both Travis and I wanted to expand on our style to include more technical riffs and more melodic songs as time went on. When the band dissolved in 2004, we decided to move forward with Betrayed With A Kiss.

Betrayed With A Kiss

“Salvation and Ascension is a very deep and detailed album” quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of Dark Star Records “You can hear every ounce of sweat and blood that was poured into this metal masterpiece. “This is what a metal band should sound like.” Look for “Salvation and Ascension” the Special Edition to be available worldwide via Dark Star Records and Sony Music Entertainment on January 28th 2014.

Betrayed With A Kiss Is:

Pride – Vocals
Lust – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Greed – Lead Guitar
Envy – Bass
Sloth – Drums and Percussion

Betrayed With A Kiss

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