World Premiere Music Video by Elliott Waits For No One

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that Elliott Waits For No One have just released their latest music video for the song Megalomaniac Directed by Tim Roth. The video for their third single “Megalomaniac” had premiered worldwide on the Tinnitist.




Jenny Franck talking about the new single “Megalomanic”, “For me the song is a pinnacle anthem for what individuality means, and has become in the world today. People truly believe they are larger than life itself, and yet they still cannot defy death.”

Brian Troch wrote the main riff for “Megalomaniac” during the Chicago Cubs World Series game. He went into his studio after it appeared that Cubs could blow it and couldn’t bear to watch, so he went into EWFNO home studio and out came the beginnings of “Megalomaniac”. Brian returned again to watch the game and the Cubs won the World Series a definite Win Win!

Drummer Jeff Tortora recorded the strobe light demented whisper scene in the music video at 3 AM in his hotel room in Germany while on tour with the Blue Man Group.

Brian wrote lyrics but Jenny Franck had a specific idea to better re write the lyrics. Only three original lyrics remain, Jenny liked the opening lyric of “Preen all my feathers”. Jenny is quoted as saying “I’ve always wanted to do a bird song” the song turned out brilliantly with such deep metaphorical meaning that Brian had no problem delivering her lyrics.

“This amazing music video is really a sign of our times, as we all deal with this worldwide pandemic”
~ Jeffrey A. Swanson President of Dark Star Records


The band is also excited to announce that their second single “You Can’t See Through Me” just won Best Sci-fi Short Film from The Golden Short Film Festival.



Elliott Waits For No One is:

Brian Troch and Jenny Franck
Along with Jeff Tortora

Jeff Tortora

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We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Ultimate Band Contest for the Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun Movie and Soundtrack Deal is “Double Eyelid”. The bands song “Dead is Better” will be featured in the End Credits of the movie and will be played out in its entirety. The song will also be included on the Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Distributed by Dark Star Records and Sony Music. “The Song Immediately hit me” quotes Executive Producer and Music Supervisor Jeffrey A. Swanson. “When I played the song for the movie Director “Damien Dante”, Damien said “No need to look any further, this song is perfect”. And, not only are we going to include “Dead is Better” the song in the movie and on the Soundtrack, but we are also going to feature the bands Award Winning HD Video “Dead is Better” on the DVD and Blu-Ray Release as a Bonus Feature. The music video won the Special Selection Committee award at the Hamilton Music Film Festival in Canada, and was also featured on MuchMusic, Canada’s answer to MTV. The video “Dead is Better” was Directed by Steven Cerritos and stars Lovina Yavari. We would like to thank Sonicbids for yet another Successful contest, and helping us find some great music. Double Eyelid is: Ian Revell, Karl Mohr and Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip. “Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun” starring “Ana Santos” was written, directed by Damien Dante and produced by Damien Dante, Jeffrey A. Swanson and will be available Worldwide on Blu-Ray and All Media via SGL Entertainment and R-Squared Films in the fall of 2013.

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

Double Eyelid

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Double Eyelid