Low Twelve Bassist Scores Spector Endorsement

Spector Basses

Bassist, singer, and founding member of Low Twelve scored an endorsement deal with Spector Bass Guitars. Pete Altieri is now playing the Alex Webster Signature Model, Euro Series 5XL. PJ Rubal, Artist Relations with Spector, was the one who worked the deal out with Pete for the 5-string bass he was looking for. Pete told him that he needed a brutal low end but with plenty of click to stand out. He also wanted to stick with EMG pickups, as he’s used for many years in Low Twelve. This Spector bass fit the bill and will be a deadly new weapon in Pete’s arsenal. PJ Rubal added:

“It’s great to work with Pete and help him achieve his ultimate bass tone with his new Spector bass.”

Pete Altieri From Low Twelve

Alex Webster Signature Model Euro Series 5XL

Pete started playing bass in 1984 with a cheap Fender copy through a 25-watt combo amp. In the nearly thirty years of metal bass playing, Pete has moved up and continuously upgraded his equipment. He commented, “Getting this Spector bass is like a dream come true. The incredible talent at Spector and the world class woods and hardware have made them among the best in the world. I’ve been happy with the bass I was playing before, but once I plugged the Spector into my bass rig – I was completely blown away at the improvement in my tone. Not to mention a bigger overall presence which will hold down the low in Low Twelve for many years to come!”

The Alex Webster Signature Model is named after the incredibly talented bassist for death metal monsters Cannibal Corpse. The model is only available as a 5-string bass in black gloss. They offer an alternative “drip pattern” in a wicked blood spatter on the body. Pete chose the black gloss without the drip pattern for his first Spector bass.

Low Twelve just celebrated their 15-year anniversary this past summer, and released their fifth CD “Skin in the Game” on Dark Star Records. Low Twelve has played more than 350 shows and toured the US, supporting national acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Gwar, Chimaira, Pro-Pain, Mastodon, Mobile Deathcamp, and more. Low Twelve has also been featured in several horror movie sound tracks to include “Jig Saw”, “Jezebeth II Hour of the Gun”, and most recently two songs on “Butcher Boys” from the creator of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Low Twelve is Pete Altieri (bass/lead vocals), Meister (guitar/vocals), Les Aldridge (guitar), and Travis Waterman (drums). They are based in Bloomington Illinois since their inception in July of 1998.

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12 /12 /12 Is The Pre Release Date For The New “Autographed” Low Twelve CD/DVD “Skin In The Game”

Low Twelve


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Now Available Worldwide, The Special Autographed Pre Release of the New “Low Twelve” CD/DVD. The new digipak includes a 12 song CD and the DVD movie “13 Brutal Years”. It also has a 12-page booklet with lyrics, pics, and more. Worldwide Release Date is: 02/12/13

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Low Twelve’s New Album “Skin In The Game” Special Autographed Pre Release

On 12/12/12 Dark Star Records will be offering a Special Autographed Pre Release of the New Low Twelve CD/DVD. The new digipak includes a 12 song CD and the DVD movie “13 Brutal Years”. It also has a 12-page booklet with lyrics, pics, and more. Available Exclusively at www.DarkStarRecords.com

Low Twelve Ink Deal With Dark Star Records

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just signed a deal with Illinois based metal band Low Twelve. The band is headed up by Pete Altieri who is the founder of Heavycore, The International Union of Heavy Bands. Pete has played a significant role in the underground metal scene for many years, releasing a number of compilation CD’s and DVD’s, doing interviews with major metal artists as well as running his own radio show the Heavycore Chopping Block Show. All this hard work has paid off for Pete and his band Low Twelve who have released a slew of brutal albums and gained quite a large following over the years. And now with their most skull crushing album to date “Skin in the Game” Dark Star Records along with Sony Entertainment will work together to take the band to yet another level. The new album “Skin in the Game “will be released worldwide via Dark Star Records and Sony Music before the end of the year.

Here is a quote from Pete Altieri:

“Low Twelve is very excited about our new partnership with Dark Star Records. I’ve known Jeffrey Swanson for years and I know how hard he works to get the word out there, and we’re hoping to see bigger and better things with our latest slab-o-sickness “Skin in the Game”. The production is stronger than anything we’ve done before and we think the metal freaks will dig it”. ~Pete

Low Twelve is: Pete Altieri – bass/lead vocals, Meister – guitar/vocals, Les Aldridge – lead guitar, Travis Waterman – drums

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