DiAmorte Inks Deal with Dark Star Records and Unveils New Lyric Video

We are pleased to announce that the Dark Symphonic Metal band “DiAmorte” has signed with Dark Star Records in association with Sony Entertainment. The new full length album “Prelude to Shadow” is a dark orchestrated epic masterpiece written and composed by Drake Mefestta and produced with famed film-score maestro, Spencer Creaghan. And now, the album which has taken years to create and refine is coming to completion.

Prelude to Shadow by DiAmorte

The album also features the vocal talents of Giampaul Andrianopoulos, who is best known for his roles in the most recent album release from Chalice of Doom (Zarqa-Jordan) and his solo work in Lonesome October.

Drake Mefestta

Drake Mefestta

Drake Mefestta who may be even more well known for his creative artwork and art directing, working alongside the likes of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth/Devilment) and has been quite busy these last few years, if not touring internationally, he has been in collaboration with various prominent artists and performers including Nikk Dibs (Dope/Bile/Pretty in Purgatory), Mike LePond (Symphony X/Silent Assassins), and The 69 Eyes to name but a few as well as making appearances in television, magazines, and film.

Drake Mefestta

DiAmorte have unveiled a preview of their upcoming album with a two part, nine minute lyric video epical for the song “She Wept Upon the Frozen Shore” a story of love and loss, triumph and tragedy.


Watch the lyric video for the song “She Wept Upon the Frozen Shore”

Look for DiAmorte’s new full length album “Prelude to Shadow” to be released worldwide early next year via
Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music Entertainment.

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