Dark Star Records Offers Complete Digital Releases with Streaming, Downloads and DOD Disc On Demand

Dark Star Records in association with Sony Music Entertainment have always been on the cutting edge of music distribution, and now we are pleased to announce that for some select titles we are offering the total digital experience. Some of our titles can now be found everywhere on all major download, streaming and mobile services as well as DOD or Disc On Demand. By printing Audio CD’s On Demand, there is no need to store and warehouse inventory, and CD’s will never be out of stock, no matter how big the demand is. So, for those music fans who want a physical audio CD from our digital releases, your prayers have been answered. And each disc comes fully packaged and shrinkwrapped. Here are a few of our latest DOD Releases:

Cosmic Fury


Look for more DOD Releases at the Dark Star Records Online Store CLICK HERE TO ENTER

“Jezebeth” Debuts in 2012 on Amazon Videos On Demand

The long awaited release of the vampire horror film Jezebeth is now a reality… Jezebeth is more than a horror film, it is a musical experience unlike any movie ever made. A cult horror film loaded with visuals and sound that can be enjoyed over and over again. Jezebeth was Written, Directed and Produced by Damien Dante and is a Damien Dante / Jeffrey A Swanson Film. Distributed Worldwide by SGL Entertainment, Satania 6 Films, Dark Star Records and The Phoenix Group. Jezebeth, own it or rent it today!!!

Buy or Rent it Now at Amazon Videos On Demand

SGL Entertainment Acquires Several New Movies From The Phoenix Group

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has signed a deal with The Phoenix Group and has acquired four full length motion pictures for their cutting edge on-demand digital film distribution. The movies include NIGHT CRAWLERS, SCORNED, THE MAGNIFICENT DEAD and JEZEBETH. The Phoenix Group is a major independent motion picture distribution company founded in 1989 and has offices in Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Boca Raton Florida. SGL Entertainment business partners Jeffrey A Swanson and Damien Dante are also in talks with The Phoenix Group about acquiring a number of Classic Action Films that include some Major Hollywood A List Actors. SGL Entertainment has strong partnerships with many new digital content providers and are able to make titles available on many of the new on-demand services and platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, BigStar TV, X-Box, iReel, Playstation, YouTube Rentals, Cinema Now and More. SGL Entertainment is looking at the future of movies and film and will always remain on the cutting edge of technology. Look for these movies and others to be available worldwide in early 2012 via SGL Entertainment.

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