Paul Allender Former Cradle of Filth Joins DiAmorte

Paul Allender, best known for over two decades in the British metal act, Cradle of Filth, has come back from the grave, returning from a musical hiatus to join the theatrical production of the epic musical “DiAmorte’s The Red Opera”.

Coming on as the production’s first permanent member and visionary partner, Paul’s enthusiasm for the traditional theater and opera production is a welcomed asset to DiAmorte with a shared desire for something that goes far beyond the traditional band arrangement.

From “The Red Opera”

DiAmorte is more than music, it is a fully immersive experience. Stories set to the picturesque sounds of savage orchestral arrangements and metal instrumentation and full theatrical imagery. These epic songs are completed with the powerfully enchanting voices of two female opera singers and a male opera vocalist, melding with the bestial sounds of darkly classical gutturals.






DiAmorte is a complete theatrical production company with a core philosophy of presenting music as more than any ordinary band but, as a live experience. It is the opera production for a modern age, linking the grandeur of past to the audiences of the present, imbuing new life into a genre often viewed as antiquated. DiAmorte has captured the imagination of audiences with fully staged cinematic choreography, lighting, and an extensive stage production that has seamlessly blended with a one of a kind orchestral savagery that makes each and every show a must-see for all walks of life, from the classic musical theater goers to heavy metal enthusiasts alike, DiAmorte’s attention to detail makes their productions accessible, fulfilling the visual and musical desires of crowds demanding more for their paid admissions.

Heralded as “unapologetically theatrical”, DiAmorte does not follow the same weary formulas that have stagnated the modern music era but through constant innovation and imagination, have brought rich stories to life, brimming with intrigue and indulging the senses from start to finish with high shows, full fleshed stories and characters, and a diverse cast of talent spanning the globe to bring you the best in live entertainment.

DiAmorte features a full cast of prestigious performers including founder, writer, and composer Drake Mefestta, newest arrival of Paul Allender (Former Cradle of Filth); Red Opera album musicians, Mike LePond (Symphony X) and Markus Johansson (THEM), as well as world touring opera singer Armenia Sarkissian, and opera singers Giampaul Andrianopoulos (Lonesome October) and Alina Gavrilenko (Midnight Eternal) along with award winning music producers, and composer Spencer Creaghan for music for Legendary Pictures, Ubisoft games, Gravitas Ventures, and Saban Films.

Each album produced is its own episodic adventure, there to fulfill and serve the live experience not the other way around. Their latest masterpiece “The Red Opera” tells the tale of two fallen kingdoms in a dying land locked in an eternal conflict known as “The Great Divide.” On the horizon looms a dark, insidious force that influences and corrupts the powerful, accursed lord and through him, seeks to destroy all humanity and life, including his beloved human shield maiden, that new life may begin again.
This is DiAmorte…

Also, Introducing “Paul Allender”
Former “Cradle of Filth” on Guitar

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