Rockford Bad Boys “Ript” Sign With Dark Star Records

We are pleased to announce that the the 80s Hard Rock/Metal band “Ript” has inked a deal with Dark Star Records. Hailing from Rockford Illinois the home of Cheap Trick, these bad boys of Rock tore it up in the late 80’s and early 90’s with songs like This Is Your Brain On Rock-N-Roll and the amped up version of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds. The band released their self titled full length album in 1992 that included the love ballad “Nicole” and ten other fan favorites. The album sold over 15,000 copies and the band was headed for the big time. But before the band could get to the next level the ride was over. With one of the better albums of the last decade just sitting on a shelf, it would only be a matter of time before someone would re-release this Hard Rock Anthem. Now with a special worldwide digital release through IODA/SONY via Dark Star Records the band and their album will once again see the the light of day. And this is great news for Hard Rock and 80’s Metal Fans from around the world. “Ript” is available now at digital retailers everywhere including iTunes.

Download The New Full Length Album “Ript” from iTunes:

Ript is:
Wally Houck (drums), Mike Nelson (guitars), Gregg DeCarlo (guitars), Ian Serrano (vocals) and Greg Utley (bass).

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6 comments on “Rockford Bad Boys “Ript” Sign With Dark Star Records

  1. Ian Serrano has always been a great singer… And, the band is amazing… I’m sure this album will do well…

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  3. I attended Boylan with Mike and I can tell you he went on and on about RIPT back in the early 1980’s. So glad to see his dream came true! Best wishes for all from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (Mike’s nickname for me back then) 🙂

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