The Girls Of Jezebeth Storm Hot Topic

The Girls of “JEZEBETH” appeared live at this special instore appearance at Hot Topic in the Woodfield Mall, featuring: Bree Michaels, Madeline Maser, Katie Auerbach, Kelsey Kozak, Galina Emmerich and Baby D Frost. Door prizes, Autographs and More. Grand Prize: The Official Tarot Cards used in the Movie Jezebeth. Second Prize: The Official Jezebeth T-Shirt. Also, special guest appearence by Drake Mefestta of “Real Vampires” The History Channel. This was an amazing evening of Vampire Bliss that proves once again that there is no stopping the power of Jezebeth. The movie is Directed by Damien Dante with Executive Producers Jeffrey A Swanson and Lloyd Freeze. This promo clip was shot and edited by Brian Tedeschi with music provided by Supermercado. Special Thanks to everyone at the Hot Topic.

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