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Dark Star Records Offers Complete Digital Releases with Streaming, Downloads and DOD Disc On Demand

Dark Star Records in association with Sony Music Entertainment have always been on the cutting edge of music distribution, and now we are pleased to announce that for some select titles we are offering the total digital experience. Some of our titles can now be found everywhere on all major download, streaming and mobile services as well as DOD or Disc On Demand. By printing Audio CD’s On Demand, there is no need to store and warehouse inventory, and CD’s will never be out of stock, no matter how big the demand is. So, for those music fans who want a physical audio CD from our digital releases, your prayers have been answered. And each disc comes fully packaged and shrinkwrapped. Here are a few of our latest DOD Releases:

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Sectara Inks Deal with Dark Star Records

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that it has Inked a deal with the experimental Chicago based progressive metal band Sectara. This unique band whose primary focus since their 2006 formation has been the development of an aggressively original sound. With a combined appreciation for classic bands such as Voivod, Cynic, Death, Godflesh, Napalm Death, Tool, Kyuss, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and Macabre, Sectara have achieved something monumental with the completion of their debut full length recording. With the immensely creative production skills of Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon, Sectara’s album “Interstellar Terror” helps to define new boundaries for the current aggressive music landscape. Also, Bruce Lamont and Matt Mclellund of Yakuza made guest saxophone and vocal appearances on the album along with Corporate Death of Macabre, who does guest vocals and guitar solos. The new album “Interstellar Terror” is now available worldwide at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody and more via Dark Star Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

Sectara will be hosting a Special Album Release Party at “The Exit” in Chicago Illinois on December 8th 2013.
The Exit is located at 1315 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642 www.exitchicago.net

Watch the New “Interstellar Terror” Sci-Fi Promo Video by Sectara:

Sectara is: Ryan Logsdon – guitar and vocals, Alan Russell – guitar,
Garrett Scanlan – drums, Paul Herzog – bass and vocals

Buy the New Album “Interstellar Terror” by Sectara at iTunes:

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