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“Not Human” World Premiere Music Video Featuring Jeff Swan and Slave Driver Featured at NME Magazine

NME Magazine

Jeff Swan from the band Slave Driver
The World Premiere of “Not Human” a new music video featuring Jeff Swan and Slave Driver is featured at NME Magazine. NME Magazine is one of the most popular and successful rock magazines in the world, and has featured some of the Biggest Platinum Artists on it’s covers. The song Not Human was originaly featured in The Day of the Dead, a horror film Written, Directed and Produced by Ricardo Islas. The bands original lineup featured Jeff Swan, John Babila and Bill Gingrich. The song Not Human is featured on the Resurrection in Black Album. For this Album the Musicians included Jeff Swan, Blair Lehman, Phil Di Maso and Bill Gingrich. Check out the new music video NOT HUMAN at NME MAGAZINE. Click on the Link Below to Watch:


The Music Video “NOT HUMAN” was released by Dark Star Records and Sony Music Entertainment on
October 13, 2013 For More Info Go To: www.jeffswan.net

Naked and Stoned Music Videos Featuring Jeff Swan and Slam Bang Featured at NME Magazine

Photo by Jimmy Barnes Photography
Dark Star Records recently released two music videos for the song Naked and Stoned by Slam Bang. The two music videos feature Ashley UWish Stewart in a sexy photo shoot and have been receiving a lot of press. Both videos can now be seen on the NME Magazine Website.

Naked and Stoned on NME
(Band Version)


Naked and Stoned on NME
(Photography Mix)


Photo by Jimmy Barnes Photography
Photo by Jimmy Barnes Photography
Photo by Jimmy Barnes Photography
Photo by Jimmy Barnes Photography

For more info on Slam Bang Click Here

Dark Star Records Gets Rave Review From Metal Temple Magazine

It’s always nice when a well respected metal magazine gives you a great review. Such is the case with the Greece based metal magazine Metal Temple. In a quote from Yngwie Viking as Follows:

“I must admit, that I have a soft spot for the very implicated in the underground scene, label Dark Star Records, indeed they financed and released some true jewels, and when it comes to a real expertise in US Metal,
I think they rule” ~Yngwie Viking / Metal Temple

Visit Metal Temple Magazine



Grigori 3 Makes The Cover Of Hollywood Music Magazine

Grigori 3 are a band that launch all the hooks, thumps, and melodies right at your brain and suprisigly will have you returning for many more spins on their tunes. Sort of goth, sort of metal and industrial with an impressive lead female vocalist who escalates the game, Grigori 3 is a band you will definitely remember. They have a brand new album produced by Matt Mercado entitled On Your 6 coming out that is sure to be a game changer for the band. They are also featured musically and visually in the movie and cable series Jezebeth. Here is vocalist Gwen Bartolini on the new album On Your 6 and what 2012 holds for Grigori 3.

Click Here to Read the Exclusive Interview at Hollywood Music Magazine

Click Here to Buy an Autographed Copy of “On Your 6” Exclusivly From Dark Star Records