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Betrayed With A Kiss to Release Two Albums This Year

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that Betrayed With A Kiss will release two albums this year. The first is Principium a digitally remastered and updated version of their first unreleased album, which was called “Five of Seven”. In addition to including songs from the album’s predecessor, Principium includes two previously unreleased songs. According to band co-founder and guitarist Rob Mason, the International release of Principium, Latin for “The Beginning” is a tribute to Betrayed’s other co-founder and guitarist Travis Crider who passed away in 2008 and former vocalist Jeremy Lykins whose voice was sidelined by a rare illness that permanently damaged his vocal cords. This is also the 15 year Anniversary of the Principium Album.

Prior to signing with Dark Star Records in 2014, the band’s single “Almost Home” was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Look At Me (2013) starring James Duval, known for his roles in Donnie Darko, Independence Day, and Gone in 60 Seconds, and actor Mark Boone Junior of Sons of Anarchy fame, Batman Begins and most recently in The Mandalorian as character Ranzar Malk. Look At Me is currently available on Amazon Prime and the band’s song can be heard approximately thirty minutes into the film.

Principium will be released in April on Dark Star Records and Sony Music Entertainment. The second album tentatively entitled “The Encyclopedia of Human Suffering: Volume One” is set to drop in December. “Our last two albums have paid homage to the past” says Mason “but the new album is shaping up to be a forward facing no holds barred barn burner”.


Crutch by Betrayed With A Kiss by darkstarrecords
As for the Principium’s updated name and artwork, Mason explained it this way “The artwork on Principium represents tremendous, emotional pain. The name is our beginning. Lyrically speaking our fans, many of whom have the lyrics from Five of Seven tattooed on their bodies, identify with the anger and pain expressed through the music.

As for their new studio venture, Dark Star Records founder Jeffrey A. Swanson heard one of the tracks from the new release a few weeks ago and was filled with excitement. Rob Quotes “For the first time in years we are writing for ourselves and, it feels and sounds amazing.

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