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Conquest Get A Five Star Review From Austria’s Metalunderground


The Metalunderground is Austria’s #1 Metal Webzine

Here is the full album review in english:

Sometimes I do wonder why there are bands that already potter forever and three days in the metal business, but here in old Europe, we know it is not really. Today it is a band from St. Louis / Missouri, what with “The War We Rage” the latest and most recent sixth output (not miteingerechnet the variety of demos and ep’s which have been thrown on the market) presents to us and this is likely especially for the Power / Thrash Metal fans should this time be a journey in which you absolutely discovered something new from the land of opportunity for his turntable what. Indulge the line which the guys from Missouri is more of the veteran broadside. Quite the team often reminds me of a mix of Metal Church (To Mike Howe, as well as David Wayne Times RIP) and Vicious Rumors. Whoever thinks that he is nothing like the new well to a certain degree be right, but the power machinery roars so at full throttle, so you really just sit there for joy and to the sound suddenly completely mitbangt. Thus, one may speak of a not to be despised contagion, and especially those who are hold of the bands mentioned here are in a non-ending ending break out rapture. The chemistry is right and the whole set on just the front man of one better, which roars skillfully as a mixture of David Wayne and Mike Howe into the microphone. One moves rhythmically as mentioned on solid, well-known paths, but the songs have not been through this before, but have a good spirit, which one, although it has many similarities to the aforementioned formations, has reacted with a good dose of innovation. Thus, it exudes a lot of spirit from the early days of metal, but it does not at any time simply stale. Refreshing wind power metal thus from the States? Absolutely and here we are just really wonder why these guys have not been used much foothold here. Would have all been different and would probably share with bands like Iced Earth and Co. to top spot. Thus unfortunately still here an underground tip, this should probably be changed, however, and here the disciples Power Metal / inside were called here to show their support.

Conclusion: Better may not sound like a blend of power and thrash elements well. Good old school factor, which have been enriched but with a lot of fresh blood. Friends of Iced Earth, Metal Church and Vicious Rumors Album necessarily have to check, that the end result is certainly Rundling the player does not leave so quickly.

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