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The Red Opera by DiAmorte Now Available Worldwide on CD

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce the worldwide release of The Red Opera by DiAmorte on CD. This is a Special Limited Edition Release and comes with a one of a kind Limited Edition T-shirt.

This is a special Pre Order CD, the album will then be released worldwide via MVD Entertainment later this summer, and will be available online at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon as well as the rest of the world via Plastichead and Cargo Distribution. T-Shirts by www.eMerchandmore.com



BUY THE NEW CD (Worldwide) $9.99

DiAmorte features a full cast of prestigious performers including founder, writer, and composer Drake Mefestta, newest arrival of Paul Allender (Former Cradle of Filth); Red Opera album musicians, Mike LePond (Symphony X) and Markus Johansson (THEM), as well as world touring opera singer Armenia Sarkissian, and opera singers Giampaul Andrianopoulos (Lonesome October) and Alina Gavrilenko (Midnight Eternal) along with award winning music producers, and composer Spencer Creaghan for music for Legendary Pictures, Ubisoft games, Gravitas Ventures, and Saban Films.

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From “The Red Opera”


Prelude to Shadow the New EP from DiAmorte is Now Available Worldwide

Dark Star Records is Pleased to Announce the Worldwide Release of Prelude to Shadow the New EP from DiAmorte. The Band Features Drake Mefestta a Musician, Actor and Graphic Artist who has recently been working with Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth). This is only the beginning for DiAmorte, look for more Epic Symphonic Music Coming soon, and make sure and Download the EP that started it all PRELUDE TO SHADOW… Now Available Worldwide wherever Digital music is Sold, Including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, Spotify, X-box and More!


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BIOGRAPHY: DiAmorte is more than music, it is an experience. A story set to the sounds of a savage orchestra, opera, and metal instrumentation. Each show, uniquely presented with live performers that build the atmosphere is each song, setting the nature of stage and bringing to life the lyrics. A stage show honed and crafted over six years time complete with choirs, players, special fx, and various performers whose presences conclude the experience, DiAmorte is as much an opera as it is a metal show. It is the philosophy that for a band that to simply enter on stage and play songs as they were on the album without anything further is to simply listen to the album itself. Music provokes visualization and demands it to complete it in entirety. This is DiAmorte…

Stream the New Single “Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust” here:
Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust by darkstarrecords







DiAmorte Unleash their Heavy Dark New Single “Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust”

From mind to melody comes the second release from the “Prelude to Shadow” EP with the six minute epic,
“Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust” written by Drake Mefestta and additionally orchestrated along with Spencer Creaghan, featuring the percussion works of Rick Hernandez (Reign Inferno). The concept behind this piece is nothing short of a rhyme for revenge, entailing emotions bathed in blood and war. The sounds cascade, enveloping the song in an atmosphere of strife and conflict that reflect the over-arching story behind “The prelude to Shadow”.

Look for DiAmorte’s new EP “Prelude to Shadow” to be released worldwide early next year via Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music Entertainment.

Stream the New Single “Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust” here:

Roses of Dusk, At Dawn Turned Dust by darkstarrecords


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DiAmorte Inks Deal with Dark Star Records and Unveils New Lyric Video

We are pleased to announce that the Dark Symphonic Metal band “DiAmorte” has signed with Dark Star Records in association with Sony Entertainment. The new full length album “Prelude to Shadow” is a dark orchestrated epic masterpiece written and composed by Drake Mefestta and produced with famed film-score maestro, Spencer Creaghan. And now, the album which has taken years to create and refine is coming to completion.

The album also features the vocal talents of Giampaul Andrianopoulos, who is best known for his roles in the most recent album release from Chalice of Doom (Zarqa-Jordan) and his solo work in Lonesome October.

Drake Mefestta

Drake Mefestta who may be even more well known for his creative artwork and art directing, working alongside the likes of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth/Devilment) and has been quite busy these last few years, if not touring internationally, he has been in collaboration with various prominent artists and performers including Nikk Dibs (Dope/Bile/Pretty in Purgatory), Mike LePond (Symphony X/Silent Assassins), and The 69 Eyes to name but a few as well as making appearances in television, magazines, and film.

DiAmorte have unveiled a preview of their upcoming album with a two part, nine minute lyric video epical for the song “She Wept Upon the Frozen Shore” a story of love and loss, triumph and tragedy.

Watch the lyric video for the song “She Wept Upon the Frozen Shore”

Look for DiAmorte’s new full length album “Prelude to Shadow” to be released worldwide early next year via
Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music Entertainment.

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Just Released, The Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun Official Movie Trailer Scored by Chris Thomas (CSI), (LOST)

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has just released the official movie trailer for the vampire western film “Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun”. “It’s the year 1881 and the outlaw vampires Jezebeth and Billie Gunn, now bitter enemies have parted ways after a human child is gunned down in cold blood. Now after 130 years that same child who became a vampire is used by the outlaw Billie Gunn as bait to lure Jezebeth back to the land where it all began for a bloody final showdown at high noon. The movie stars Ana Santos as Jezebeth and Reyna Rios as Billie Gunn along with Ruby Gonzalez, Frank Warpeha, Drake Mefestta, Stephanie Ann Lison, Jeff Lison, Gwen Bartolini, Jennifer Bartolini, Gracie Serrano, Skylar Serrano, Ian Serrano, Pinelope Love, Nelly Souders and Ray R. Wise. Both the movie and the trailer were scored by the award winning film composer Chris Thomas, who recently scored the animated film, Cadaver, starring Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd. Chris also scored music for CSI and the Popular Television show LOST. Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun was Written and Directed by Damien Dante and Produced by Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson with ADR by William Shary and Scott Caputo of Studio 32 out of Chicago. The movie was edited by David OBrient Jr. and Scored by Chris Thomas with Cinematography by Jeffrey A. Swanson. Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun will be Available on Cable Television, Blu-Ray, DVD and on all the latest cutting edge Video On Demand Platforms in 2014 via SGL Entertainment, R-Squared Films and our many other distribution partners.

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