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Dark Star Records Signs the Punk Metal Electro Band PUPPYSLUT

Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just siged the Punk Metal Electro Band PUPPYSLUT


Dark Star Records will be releasing a series of Singles for Download and Streaming on all Major Platforms via Sony Digital Music Entertainment

Bending genres of music from Grind Metal to Old School 80’s Thrash with a back drop of electronic beats and synthetic sounds, Puppyslut displays an admoration for anything fast and heavy. Topping off it’s mish mash motif of music with Death Style Vocals, Puppysluts lead vocalist and sole member Christian Jude Grillo gives no refrain for the timid ear.

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Low Twelve Releases Anticipated Sixth Album

Long standing forgers of metal, Low Twelve, will be releasing their sixth studio album on July 5, 2016. This date will also mark the band’s 18 years of brutalizing the planet with their unique blend of thrash and death metal.


“Six” is an album that follows a story written by band founder, bass player and lead singer, Pete Altieri. “I wrote the novel at the same time I was writing the songs for Six with the rest of the band. It’s a violent story about an escaped patient from an asylum, who kills dozens of victims until he is finally captured and executed. 25 years later, Six comes back from the dead to possess someone to continue his killing spree.”

This 11-song offering features two bonus tracks. “Kill Floor” was re-recorded with this lineup, and was featured on the band’s debut release “Flesh of the Weak” in 2000. “The Invocation” was a song that Pete Altieri wrote in his first band, Sacred Oath, and was re-recorded by Low Twelve for this album.
The Physical Release will be done through the band’s own Brutal World Music and will feature a full color booklet with lyrics, pictures, and more about the innovative “Six” story. Artwork is by Brian Uziel of Chewdog Design.

The Digital Release is Now Available Worldwide as of July 1st 2016 via Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music. And can be found at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Red and wherever digital music is streamed or downloaded.

Low Twelve’s current lineup is Pete Altieri (bass/lead vocals), Meister (guitar/vocals), Les Aldridge (guitar/vocals), and Travis Waterman (drums).


Limb From Limb by Low Twelve by darkstarrecords
Low Twelve has shared the stage with many notable acts, to include Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Mastodon, Pro-Pain, Mobile Deathcamp, Byzantine, Incantation, Acheron, Fozzy, and many more. Low Twelve music has been licensed for use in several movies including Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun, Jigsaw and Butcher Boys.

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